How Do You Write a Letter to a Potential Employer?


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A letter of interest written to a potential employer should include five parts: greeting, introductory paragraph, middle paragraph, last paragraph and signature. The tone should remain formal, and the writing needs to appear clear and concise. Content should focus on how your skills and experience could help the employer.

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The greeting section of a letter of interest uses the standard formal greeting common in business letters and includes the contact person's first and last name along with her full address. The first sentence of the letter indicates the position the applicant seeks within the company, and subsequent sentences in the first paragraph explain why the applicant has an interest in pursuing the position. Mentioning a specific program or department is advisable.

In the middle paragraph, include any degrees earned and training programs completed. A middle paragraph also provides an opportunity to highlight two to four key job skill strengths that qualify you for the position. Also describe how you have used those strengths to achieve successful outcomes for an employer.

The last paragraph expresses a strong desire to meet with the contact to discuss the possibility of joining the company and contributing to its growth. The applicant should provide a contact phone number and email address and indicate if a resume is attached. A letter of interest should always end with a thank you and include your signature.

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