How Do Write a Letter to a Landlord?


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When writing a letter to the landlord, format and content of the letter depend on the purpose of the letter. Ensure that your reasons for writing the letter are clear to the landlord. You may write a letter when demanding repairs, disputing deductions from the security deposit or withholding rent.

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When writing a letter during the end of a lease, ensure it includes your decision on whether you are moving out or renewing the lease to continue renting the property on a monthly basis, explains FindLaw. A letter is a professional way to inform the landlord of any issues or complaints. In the letter, you may state the actions that will ensue if the landlord ignores or fails to address the issues raised in the letter. Prioritize the concerns in the letter, including the most important and pressing ones while excluding the less important issues, states the Tenant Resource Center.

Ensure that you keep a clear record of every correspondence with your landlord including all phone calls and emails, recommends Michigan Tenant Counseling Program. The letter should be brief and free of any grammatical errors to avoid confusion or misinterpretation, states the Tenant Resource Center.

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