How Do You Write a Letter of Interest?

How Do You Write a Letter of Interest?

To write a letter of interest, begin with a greeting, note your assets, describe your experience and express your interest in scheduling a meeting. Using your networks to secure an informal introduction to the employer prior to writing the letter and setting up a formal meeting can make things easier.

  1. Begin with a greeting

    Start your letter with a formal and professional greeting. Address the letter to a specific person if possible.

  2. Note your assets

    In the first paragraph, describe the personal assets that make you a good fit for the position you are targeting. Include three or four assets, and briefly describe why they make you a good addition to the company.

  3. Describe your experience

    In the subsequent paragraphs, describe your experience in a related field or position. Tie in your assets and how they helped you succeed in academic projects, volunteer work and past jobs. Provide specific and concrete examples of this.

  4. Express your interest in scheduling a meeting

    In the last paragraph, express your interest in meeting with the employer. If there are no formal vacancies at the time you send the letter, express a desire to meet for an exploratory meeting.

  5. Sign off

    Thank the employer, and write your name, leaving space for your signature above your printed name. Provide your contact information, including phone number and email address.