What Do You Write a Letter to an Insurance Company?

What Do You Write a Letter to an Insurance Company?

A letter to an insurance company includes the reason for the letter, describes the circumstances prompting the letter and requests a specific action, according to the Patient Advocate Foundation. A simple, straightforward letter helps resolve problems.

Writing a letter to an insurance company has elements similar to consumer complaints, depending on the situation. The Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner recommends these guidelines.

  1. State the reason
  2. The insurance company needs to know if the letter is a complaint, response to a denial of services or request for benefits.

  3. >Describe the circumstances
  4. Poor handling of services, discontinued emergency care or a relative's death are examples. Be detailed yet brief.

  5. Request a specific action
  6. Examples include reversing a denial or asking for benefits.

List all relevant information, such as account numbers, dates, medical record copies, services given and contact information. This presents a strong position for the needed action.