How Do You Write a Letter of Inquiry?


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The process for writing a letter of inquiry varies depending the nature of the information you are attempting to obtain, though most involve introducing yourself, courteously stating the intent of the letter, and explaining your question in appropriate detail. Conclude the letter by thanking the recipient for her time and including your contact information for her response.

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A letter of inquiry serves as a form of business communication through which one party requests information on a specific topic from another party, usually on a topic that is not readily available through other means. When writing such a letter, begin by addressing a specific person with the organization in order to demonstrate the seriousness of your inquiry, as general greetings may give the impression that the letter is not important. Follow this with an introduction of yourself, along with an explanation of your company or organization if possible.

The body of the letter should focus on the actual request for information, which only needs to be long enough to allow the recipient to understand your needs. You may pose a direct question, though in many cases stating your request in greater detail may be more effective. Make sure to explain the exact topic for which you want an answer while using professional language. The letter should also offer a clear method through which you want to receive the recipient's response.

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