How Do You Write a Letter About Harassment at Work?


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To write a letter about harassment at work, write information about your employment, including your name, position, years of employment, department and supervisor; state the names and positions of other harassment victims and the harassment perpetrator; and list every situation in which you were harassed, describing in detail the forms of harassment and the dates when they occurred, suggests the Houston Chronicle. Study the company policy regarding workplace harassment by reading your employee handbook or contacting the human resources department.

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Contact the business owner directly to ask about the company's rules and guidelines for reporting workplace harassment if the department head is not available, recommends the Houston Chronicle. When writing the letter, state whether you experienced the harassment or you witnessed it. Add all important details, including any offensive language used against the victim.

Be accurate when narrating actions and behaviors to let the human resources personnel assess the situations properly, advises the Houston Chronicle. Do not make assumptions; instead, allow qualified legal professionals to make appropriate conclusions.

Write an introductory paragraph stating that the letter contains a formal complaint, and include the addresses of the recipients if they work in other locations, suggests the Houston Chronicle. Create extra copies, sign each letter, and keep a copy of your own. Avoid sending copies to other company personnel if not needed.

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