How Do You Write a Letter Explaining Bad Credit?

write-letter-explaining-bad-credit Credit: Tara Moore/The Image Bank/Getty Images

If the letter to explain bad credit is for use in securing a home mortgage, Trulia recommends ordering a copy of the credit report and detailing the reason behind each negative remark listed on the report. However, if the letter is to ask a bank to consider a short sale of a property, the purpose is completely different, according to

The purpose of the letter when applying for a mortgage is to show the lender that while the potential borrower has experienced credit problems in the past, he has tried to remedy those problems as quickly as possible, according to Trulia. Enclosing documentation, such as divorce decrees, court orders for child support, letters from employers or doctors, or records from the state unemployment office, helps to substantiate the claims.

When writing a letter to explain bad credit when asking a bank to approve a short sale of a home, the purpose is to explain the cause for the problem and that the situation is not likely to improve, according to This type of letter should show no hope for things getting better. If the lender reads the letter and sees disposable income or a chance for recovery, it is likely to refuse the offer.