How Do I Write a Letter of Excuse?

write-letter-excuse Credit: Jesper Elgaard/E+/Getty Images

A letter of excuse should be written in a formal and factual manner. It should be complete with date, the name of recipient or subject, position and address. It should also include a formal salutation using the last name or the person's full name if the gender is unknown. The body of the letter should include details about the excuse, including date and reason.

The details have to be brief and straight to the point. Do not include any information that is not required. If writing in behalf of a child, student or staff member, state the contact number in case the recipient of the letter has questions. Attach to the letter any documents of proof, such as a medical or death certificate, passport or other legal document that validates the excuse. Mention any attached documents in the body of the letter.

Also, include in the body of the letter any other appeals, such as a request for remedial exam, approval to work overtime or the possibility of a leave of absence extension. In writing an absence excuse letter, note the projected date of return to work or school. Always end the letter of excuse with words showing gratitude, sincerity or respect and a signature.