How Do You Write a Letter to Your Boss Requesting a Meeting?

To write a letter to your boss requesting a meeting, state your desire for a face-to-face meeting in the opening line of your letter. Include your name and information in your heading, and use a formal introduction in the salutation. You should also ensure you use your boss's preferred method of communication.

  1. Find out your boss's preferred communication method

    In some very large organizations, you may be required to send a formal, printed letter. Many smaller companies allow email to be used instead. If you can, ask your boss directly which method they prefer. If you cannot ask directly, find out from your boss's assistant, or consult your company handbook. In some businesses, a request for a meeting has to be sent to the assistant or lower-level personnel.

  2. Write your office number and other information on the letter heading

    If you have your own personal letterhead, this would be acceptable. Otherwise, write your name, office number, phone number, email address and position within the organization on your letter. This would generally go at the top of your letterhead, or after your signature.

  3. Get to the point quickly

    Start your letter off with a request to meet face to face. You may include additional information later in the letter, but make it concise.

  4. Give as many details as possible

    You should also get as specific as possible on the purpose of your meeting, as well as with a general time frame for holding the meeting. For instance, writing "I want to speak with you about some issues our department is having," is too vague. A better option would be: "I would like to speak with you sometime this week about our department budget." You might also include an estimate for how long the meeting might take, as well as list any necessary information your boss may need to bring or review ahead of time.