How Do You Write a Letter to an Angry Customer?


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To write a letter to an angry customer, start by gathering as much information about the customer's situation as possible. In the letter, acknowledge the customer's issue, and apologize if your company has erred in some way. Close the letter by promising to fix the issue, and include your contact information.

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  1. Gather information about the issue

    Before contacting the angry customer, gather all the information available about the customer's issue. Talk to any employees who interacted with the customer, watch any surveillance footage, and check all available records.

  2. Acknowledge the issues

    The first item in the letter is an acknowledgement of the customer's complaint. Make it clear that you understand the situation. It's important to be sympathetic and caring and to not be defensive or aggressive in any way. If your company made a mistake, apologize to the customer.

  3. Explain how you'll fix the issue

    If possible, explain what steps can be taken to fix the issue. If the issue is a misunderstanding, explain your company's policies in straightforward manner. Try to maintain the tone of pride in your company and its commitment to customer service.

  4. Provide your contact information, and thank the customer

    Close the letter with your contact information, and a promise to follow up with the customer soon. End by thanking the customer for visiting your company.

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