How Do You Write a Letter of Accomplishment?


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Write a letter of accomplishment for an employee by determining the exact nature of the accomplishment in order to include the appropriate amount of detail for the recipient as well as explaining why the accomplishment matters for the company. It should include formal language that highlights the achievements of the employee while expressing gratitude from both the writer and the company as a whole.

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A letter of accomplishment serves as official recognition for an employee's actions by the employer, and often allows the employee to highlight the action as part of a future job application. These letters frequently appear in a business setting wherein the employee's direct supervisor typically writes the letter, though in some cases a regional or departmental manager may write the letter. It is important for the letter to include a clear description of the employee's actions that lead to the accomplishment, such as working extra hours to complete a project or traveling to multiple locations to ensure the safety of production plants.

The letter also needs to connect these actions to a specific benefit to the company, which allows the writer to offer direct appreciation for the employee's role in making that benefit possible. It should also relate the employee's action to key company values, such as a strong work ethic or dedication to quality products. The end of the letter should reiterate the appreciation for the employee with a direct statement of thanks.

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