How Do You Write a Leave Letter?

write-leave-letter Credit: Tom Merton/OJO Images/Getty Images

A leave letter, or leave of absence letter, is written to inform a company or organization about time away from active duties. The leave letter includes the reason for the absence and specific dates a person expects to be gone. This type of letter is often written to request time off from work.

The leave letter serves as a formal notice of time off needed for a specific purpose. In the case of an employee requesting time off from an employer, writing a leave letter may be a requirement.

The letter shows the current date at the very top. The writer needs to address the specific individual or department that needs to keep this information on file. The writer should also include name, department, address, city, state and ZIP code.

Dear Mr., Mrs., Ms. Last Name:

In the first paragraph, the writer clearly states the reason why a leave of absence is needed. This should be short and general. The writer also gives the specific date when the leave begins and includes the expected return date.

The second paragraph can go into specifics about location or what kind of activity is being performed during this absence. An option is to offer to stay in contact during the entire leave.

The letter closes with a thank you for their consideration.