How Do You Write a Lease Proposal?

A lease proposal letter needs to include a heading that provides the landlord and property information; a body that includes the terms of the intended lease, such as the proposed lease dates and duration, rents and financial details; and an outline of the tenant and landlord responsibilities regarding insurance, repairs or other extenuating costs with the proposal's conclusion providing deadlines for acceptance or negotiations of the terms by all agreeable parties. A lease proposal is a guideline that is written as an initial contract but it is not a binding contract until the terms are established and agreed upon in a signed lease agreement, notes an example of an agreement on the Commercial Real Estate Institute (CREI) website. Many lease proposal templates are available online.

Use these steps to write a lease proposal.

  1. Establish the basic letter of intent
  2. The proposal has a heading to include the landlord's information and the property address. It should include the beginning lease date and the termination date with options for renewing the lease. Include any variations, such as seasonal increases for utilities or water usage, and who is the responsible party for each expense. Make certain to outline all the terms in writing, states the example on CREI's website.

  3. Provide terms and expectations in detail
  4. The proposal should address the terms of repair costs, deposits and insurance. A deadline should be established to finalize agreeable terms and verify background and income information.