How to Write a Landlord Eviction Letter?

A landlord eviction letter contains a date; landlord's personal details; tenant's details; tenant salutation; the letter body, which contains a lease violation notification, reasons for the violation and a remedy for eviction; and the name and signature of the landlord, according to SFGate. It should also feature a proper format.

Start by writing the date at the top of the left margin, says SFGate. Skip a few lines from the date, and write your personal details, including your name, address and phone contact, taking care not to skip any line between the details. Skip a few lines, and write the name and address of the tenant directly below your phone number. Follow up by saluting the tenant with a statement such as "Dear Kennedy," below his address, and then write the body of the letter.

To write the body, first remind the tenant of his violation of the tenancy agreement, reports SFGate. In the reminder, mention your name or that of your business, the name of the tenant and the lease date the same way they appear on the agreement. Include the specific violation of the agreement, the date when the rent was due and the amount due. Include what the tenant must do within a certain time frame to avoid eviction, and include the address through which the tenant can settle the pending rent. Finally, write your name and signature at the end of the letter, and send it to the tenant.