How Do You Write a Job Transfer Request Letter?

Write a job transfer request letter by describing your history with the company, stating the reason you desire a transfer, and the position you hope to obtain. End the letter with a request to meet. You need writing supplies or a computer and printer. Composing the letter takes under an hour.

  1. State your purpose

    Begin the letter by identifying yourself and the purpose of the letter. State that you desire a transfer, and if applicable, request the time frame when you would like the transfer to occur.

  2. Summarize your history with the company

    Briefly describe your current position and a few of your contributions to the company.

  3. Explain why you want a transfer

    Explain your reasons for wanting a transfer. Be honest, informative and detailed in your explanation, and keep the tone of the letter professional.

  4. State the position you want

    Identify the type of job you are seeking. If there is a particular job you hope to obtain, mention the job in the letter. However, keep your options open, since there may be other positions available that suit your skills and abilities.

  5. Request a meeting

    Extend an offer to meet with a manager to discuss your desire for a transfer. State that you plan to contact the hiring manager to inquire about the transfer, and thank the reader for his consideration.