How Do You Write a Job Offer Acceptance Letter?

How Do You Write a Job Offer Acceptance Letter?

To write a job-offer acceptance letter, express your thanks and appreciation, and clearly state you are accepting the job. Repeat the conditions of your employment, such as salary, and your start date.

  1. Format the letter according to the mode of delivery

    If you plan to email the letter, put your address and contact information at the end of the letter below your name. You do not need to include a date with emailed letters. If you plan to print and mail the letter, place your address at the top of the letter above the date and the employer's address. Leave four spaces for your signature between your closing and typewritten signature.

  2. Open the letter

    Thank the employer, and express your gratitude for the job offer. If you have already discussed the job offer by phone, refer to the conversation. Express your enthusiasm for working at the company.

  3. Repeat agreed-upon terms in the second paragraph

    Type employment conditions such as your salary and benefits. You may add any other terms of importance to you in order to avoid the possibility of future confusion about these terms.

  4. Add your start date

    Write or type the start date that has been agreed upon. This can be part of the second paragraph or a third paragraph.

  5. Close the letter

    Write a sentence welcoming the employer to contact you if he needs more information or paperwork. End with another sentiment of thanks and gratitude, and close the letter with your name.