How Do You Write a Job Experience Certificate?

A job experience certificate, sometimes referred to as a work experience certificate, is a document that verifies a person's qualifications and experiences concerning a particular job or field. Writing one of these accurately requires providing information about the person, his or her qualifications, and the impact on the company that person has made. Many templates are available to provide an outline for the certificate.

Be sure ti include all of the necessary information when creating a work experience certificate.

  1. Provide full personal information about the worker
  2. It is important that a work experience certificate is completely accurate and that it is clear for whom the certificate was written. The first line of the certificate should include the full name of the worker, including any alternate names the person may use, as well as the person's date of birth for clarity.
  3. Clarify when the experience was gained
  4. Gaining experience is important, but showing when that experience was garnered is equally important as it demonstrates how dated the knowledge and skills are, particularly when they are time-sensitive. The experience certificate should include specific dates during which the person worked for the company.
  5. Detail how the person impacted the company
  6. Detail not just what type of experience the person gained in working with the company and how that experience was gained, but how the company benefited from the work an employee accomplished.  Describe the type of skills he or she gained, the accomplishments achieved and the personal characteristics that made him or her a desirable asset to the organization.