How Do You Write a Job Description?

write-job-description Credit: Blend Images - JGI/Jamie Grill/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

To write a job description, explain all the aspects involved in the job to prospective applicants. Divide the description into appropriate sections, including the tasks, methods, relationships and qualifications.

  1. Create the outline

    On a piece of paper, list down the particulars related to the job. In addition to the responsibilities involved, make points regarding in-company growth. A flexible job description encourages employees to grow within their position and contribute over time to your overall business.

  2. Write the body

    Write the title on the top of the document, followed by the purpose of the job. In the body, give the reader information about the standing of the respected post within the hierarchy. Describe the functions of the job and the duties the position requires. Provide a salary range and list the qualifications you require from the applicant.

  3. Structure the description

    Structure your sentences using classic verb/object language, and use explanatory phrases. Make sure the description clearly explains what the job entails. Each section should be clearly differentiable to avoid confusing the reader with what is wanted and what is expected. Use unbiased language to attract a wide range of applicants, and use the present tense of verbs. Avoid using words that are subject to interpretation, such as "frequently," "complex" or "several."