How Do You Write an Irresistible Business Proposal?


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People who want to write an irresistible business proposal should frame the proposal in five general parts: an explanation of the situation that has prompted the potential client to seek a solution, the proposal's goals, planned methodology to meet the client's goals, time frame and budget, qualifications, and advantages the client would receive by choosing this particular proposal. Proposals should also meet all requirements in the proposal request.

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According to Entrepreneur magazine, part of the groundwork of writing an irresistible business proposal is engaging with potential clients to thoroughly understand them as well as the project requirements. Some considerations are: Have there been efforts to meet these goals outlined in the request for a proposal, and if so, why did they not succeed? What metrics is the company using to analyze proposals? How long has the business been operating, and who are its driving forces? Which products or services help make its name? What kind of financial shape is the business in? If direct engagement is not possible, library research and interviews with people connected to the company can help set a solid groundwork.

An irresistible business proposal also explains the strengths of the proposing business and addresses/counteracts up front any concerns a company may have about hiring that business.

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