How Do You Write an Invoice?

How Do You Write an Invoice?

Create an invoice by writing your contact information at the top, followed by the billing date. Next, create an invoice number. Type the name of the recipient's information. Finally, input product descriptions and the amount owed.

  1. Write your contact information

    Centered at the top of the page, type your company's name and contact information in large, bold lettering. You may also include your name, or the person in charge of billing, and a number or email for clients to call.

  2. Create a unique invoice number

    Set a billing date underneath the contact information. This is the date when the sale took place. The billing date may be centered or aligned on the left. Next, create a unique invoice number beneath. It is important to make the invoice number stand out by leaving an empty space above and below it.

  3. Write your client's information

    Aligned on the left or right of the page, include the name and contact information, such as address and phone number, of the client receiving the invoice.

  4. Calculate the fees owed

    Create a table to organize your product description. This should include all purchases made, as well as a brief description of the product and its price. Finally, aligned on the right, type the total amount underneath the descriptions. You may include tax or other fees here as well.