How Do You Write an Introduction for a Cover Letter?

How Do You Write an Introduction for a Cover Letter?

When writing the introduction for the cover letter, the writer should provide a brief personal description and the purpose for writing the letter, notes the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The key is to write two or three sentences that grab the reader's attention and set the stage for the skills and background information, and eventually the interview requests, that will follow in the letter.

Do the following to write a strong introduction for the cover letter.

  1. State name and desired position
  2. The writer should begin with stating his or her full name and telling the reader which position at the company the cover letter is for. In addition, the writer should note where he or she saw the advertisement for the position as this will help build a connection, notes LiveCareer.

  3. Provide a brief statement about personal background
  4. Although it's not always necessary, the writer can give a brief description, such as his or her current industry role or status as a college graduate who had received a specific degree. This description only needs to be a sentence long since the rest of the cover letter will explain more about skills and professional background.

The following paragraph of the cover letter should focus on some key points from the resume without repeating it. For example, experience and education relevant to the position may be covered. The closing paragraph, on the other hand, should persuade the reader to call for an interview.