How Do You Write an Internal Communication Plan?

The process for writing an internal communication plan includes identifying the most effective ways for employees to share information, defining a clear method for disseminating specific types of documents, and creating a policy for the proper methods on responding to internal messages. It should take into account the size of the company as well as any specific privacy or information protection requirements.

Internal communication plans bring structure to interoffice correspondences by defining the ideal modes of discussion for different topics, often including special rules and formatting requirements for emails as written letters or memorandums. The plan starts out by addressing the needs of the company in its most common communication situations, such as allowing developers and artists to collaborate on software projects or lawyers to share notes on a case. This helps identify the key needs for the communication system and enables the company to evaluate different tools and formats, such as an email management tool or instant messaging system.

The plan also includes rules about what kind of information employees can share on different communication systems. For example, the plan may prohibit employees from sharing customer information through an instant message program or require a signature of delivery for all legal documents. It also explains how to handle sharing special types of files or documents within the company, such as a program for sharing word processing documents securely to ensure data encryption.