How Do I Write an Intent to Vacate Letter?

When writing an intent to vacate letter to a landlord, include the date of the letter, the name of the occupants, the moving date and a forwarding address, according to Apartment Guide. The letter should be addressed to the landlord and mailed with a return receipt.

The heading of the letter should include the words "notice of intent to vacate" to indicate the purpose of the correspondence, according to Apartment Guide. The first paragraph should indicate the number of days the tenant plans to continue occupying the property and the date of evacuation as it corresponds to the end of the lease. If a security deposit is due, the tenant should indicate a time period in which repayment is expected as detailed in the lease.

In some cases, especially if the lease is broken, the tenant may need to indicate the reason for the move, such as a change in family status, rent increase, new job or any problems associated with the living conditions, according to Apartment Guide. If problems exist, be diplomatic when explaining the rental experience so the landlord has the opportunity to make improvements for the next tenant. Specific examples should be provided when detailing issues with the property. Close the letter with a forwarding address and phone number in case the landlord needs to follow up with the departing tenant.