How Do You Write an Increase of Rent Notice?


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A rent increase notice must include the full name of the tenant, the address of the tenant, the date the rent increase takes effect and the new rent amount. The notice can also inform the tenant that payment of increased rent is a required condition for remaining in the rental unit. The written rent increase notice is usually formatted as a simple letter document, and landlords can download rent increase letter templates from websites such as RocketLawyer.com.

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The rent increase letter is a short document that often uses a memo-style letter format. Include a purpose of notice paragraph at the top of the page to draw attention to the importance of the notice. If the rental property has multiple units, include the unit number in addition to the tenant's address. Include the lease expiration date in the first paragraph as a reminder to the tenant. If the rent increase notice is close to the new lease period, address this in the first part of the letter.

Inform the tenant that the same rent increase details in the letter are also included in the new lease agreement. Additionally, let the tenant know that there are no further changes to the original rental agreement, if applicable. Always sign and date a rent increase notice.

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