How Do You Write an Incident Report?

Write an incident report by including the facts of an incident. Format the report correctly and submit it in a timely manner to the correct facilities.

  1. Correctly format the report

    Use proper grammar and spelling to accurately describe the events of the incident. Companies or organizations may use their own form or require a specific format. Although it is important to understand how the company wishes the report to be presented, you must always be as objective as possible.

  2. Begin the report immediately

    It is essential that the report is completed as soon as possible. Depending on the incident and the investigation that goes into it, a swift and well-organized incident report is often considered more seriously — accounts are often less likely to contain any embellishment when they are written immediately. It is important to interview witnesses and participants as soon as possible. It may be helpful to take notes or record the interviews as you go.

  3. Report only the facts

    One of the most difficult parts of an incident report is separating the fact from personal opinion. It may be helpful to approach the report by focusing on the who, what, when, where, why and how of the incident.