How Do You Write an Impressive Resume?


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To impress the reader, the resume must quickly and effectively show how the applicant would add value upon hire, according to Harvard.edu. It is also important to use action words, and demonstrate quantifiable contributions in past jobs.

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How Do You Write an Impressive Resume?
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When writing a resume, it is important to consider that most employers have quick looks at resumes. Therefore, be specific and direct. Rather than including "flowery" language, focus on facts, and demonstrate your value to the company.

Language is very important to resume readers, so try to use active language, and include "action" words. Action words include accomplished, generated, solved, and built, as listed in "Action Verb" list on the Harvard.edu website. These action verbs quickly and effectively demonstrate contribution and value. Furthermore, employers consider a cover letter mandatory, and may not consider an applicant if they do not include one.

Cover letters allow the applicant to take a more personal approach, and explain to the employer how their skills and experiences apply to the job in question. Furthermore, converting a Word document into a PDF document preserves formatting, and may impress an employer. Most resumes should be no more than a page in length; however, there are cases where up to two pages may be appropriate.

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