How Do I Write a Human Resource Plan?


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To write a human resource plan, a human resource manager must analyze the external and internal factors affecting a business and use the analysis to predict the future demand for labor in an organization. A manager creates the plan after comparing the demand and supply forecasts to the current workforce.

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A manager analyzes the corporate culture and the levels of skills possessed by different types of workers in order to determine the type of staff an organization will need in the future. An individual analyzes the external environment, such as the political and economic environments so as to identify any threats to the company and opportunities that can be exploited.

A manager must consider the objectives of a company, its budget and factors relating to employees, such as absenteeism and turnover, when making an estimate of the future demand for labor. A business should have a HR plan that is specific and clearly states the costs of filling all the gaps identified during the analysis and forecasting processes in order to implement the plan.

A small business with few employees can hire a human resources consultant to write its human resources plan. Such a company can also use an employee with previous experience in writing such a plan, who may not necessarily be in a HR role.

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