How Do You Write a House Offer Letter From a Template?

Write a house offer from a template that includes information about the price of the home, comparable homes, a formal offer for the home and channels for closing the sale, Zillow states. The goal of an offer letter is to provide the home seller with facts related to the sale.

Home offer templates are addressed to the names of the home's sellers, Zillow claims. Offer letters begin with the listed price on the home, then bring forward a counter-offer from the buyer. Next, the letter explains how the buyer decided upon that counter-offer price. This section includes information about what comparable homes in the area sold for recently, as well as the prices of homes currently for sale in the neighborhood. Close the offer letter with a statement about the steps the buyer has already taken to close the sale. This includes pre-approval certificates from mortgage lenders, contingencies on other properties or changes the seller needs to make to the home.

Use an offer template that is concise, Zillow suggests. Effective home offer letters persuade the seller to choose the letter writer as the home's new buyer. Buyers who are asking for a price lower than the offered price need offer letters to convince sellers to accept the new price offer. In these cases, Zillow suggests adding an additional provision to the letter to increase the deposit of the purchase price after removing home inspection or mortgage financing.