How Do You Write Greeting Card Messages for Money?


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Most major greeting card companies employ experienced full-time greeting card writers. However, many smaller companies take freelance unsolicited submissions. This can be a good way to break into the business and make a few extra dollars.

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First, write your greeting cards, as freelance greeting card writers receive their jobs based on already completed work. You do not need to provide illustrations. After you write your cards, find companies that accept unsolicited submissions. Some companies that do this include Paper Street, Avanti Press and Great Arrow, according to the Greeting Card Association. Blue Mountain Arts also accepts greeting card submissions and poems, according to their website.

Read each company's submission guidelines carefully, and be sure to follow the directions. If the submission guidelines are not on the website, contact the company for the guidelines first. Some companies only accept emailed submissions, while others only accept mailed submissions on index cards. Also, ensure that your writing style is a good fit by reading some of the company's greeting cards to get an idea of their particular writing style and general aesthetics.

After you send your submissions, it can take several months to hear back from a company. If you do get accepted, know that some company's pay only a few dollars per card.

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