How Do You Write a Great Resume?


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A great resume is clear, specific, easy to read, and free from errors. Instead of just listing your jobs and educational achievements, identify your specific accomplishments and provide exact figures and percentages when possible. Start your resume by creating an attention-grabbing career summary.

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When you are developing your resume, remember that it is likely to be scanned for just a few seconds at first glance. Because of this, it's important to include keywords that are relevant to the specific job you are interested in.

Each job has different requirements, so a resume should be modified and tailored to correspond with each job description. Read through each point of the job description, and make sure that your resume highlights why you are qualified to meet each requirement. Use a bold font, italics and/or bullet points to make the most important information stand out.

Use a basic, easy-to-read font and traditional formatting to keep your resume easy to scan, and print it on high-quality white paper. Carefully read through your resume several times before submitting it, and have another person proofread it to ensure there are no errors. Even one misspelling can result in your resume not being considered by the hiring manager.

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