How Do You Write a Good Objective Sentence for a Resume?


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A good objective sentence for your resume is tailored for the specific job you’re applying for, demonstrates your interest in the job and clearly states your career plans. Although objective statements are not as fashionable as they once were, they are helpful for young workers looking for their first jobs.

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Good resume objective sentences make it clear that an applicant is prepared to do the work that the employer needs. They also help job applicants focus on their professional and other experience in order to offer a brief work history relevant to the job at hand. Good resume objective sentences tell prospective employers what career plans applicants have beyond the job they're applying for.

Many objectives are cast as statements of purpose. For example, if applying for a job in fast food, the statement of purpose may read: “To use my cooking skills in a fast-food kitchen and work my way into restaurant management.” A prospective employer can tell that the applicant understands the nature of the job for which he's applying, has relevant skills and has a career goal in the industry. When drafting a resume objective sentence, the goal is to be brief and clear but also personable.

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