How Do You Write a Good Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Description?


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Write effective descriptions for Knowledge Skills and Abilities requirements, also known as KSAs, by focusing on the specific details and examples of compliance with the criteria according to personal experience, keeping responses short and providing multiple examples to back up claims. The answers should also use professional language and correct grammar while avoiding overly complicated or convoluted sentence structures.

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Crafting responses to a KSA description begins with thoroughly reading through the entire vacancy announcement to understand the full scope and responsibilities of the position and form connections to each section of the KSA. Though each section of the KSA focuses on a different aspect and requirement, they all need to feature a clear demonstration of how the applicant embodies those characteristics. As such, the responses should contain many specific examples of past accomplishments and experiences in which the applicant utilized those qualities. For example, if the Skill section of a KSA description requires familiarity with team management, the applicant could cite military experience as the leader of a battalion.

Each section should also include multiple examples to show that the applicant has experience using these skills more than once, establishing a presence as an authority on the subject. Each example should focus on directly relating to the KSA, omitting irrelevant facts and details to keep responses manageable. They should also use direct, clear language that is free of technical terms that might confuse the hiring manager or detract from the impact of the statement.

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