How Do You Write the General Objective for a Resume?

To write a general objective statement for your resume, identify your desired position or main career goal. Follow it with location preferences, your qualifications and the type of company for which you want to work.

  1. Identify your main goal or desired position

    Start the objective by stating your career goal for the current job search. Identify the specific position or industry in which you want to work. Jump right into the job title, starting the sentence with phrases such as "marketing position" or "senior-level engineering position." If your work history and your goal do not line up, add explanatory words like "establish a presence" or "gain experience."

  2. Add location

    Add the specific location of your desired job, if geography is important to you. Mention the specific city, state, school district or region.

  3. Explain your qualifications

    Explain how you are qualified for the job, using concise language. Add a transition between your career goal and location requirements, such as "that utilizes my," or "where I can use my." Follow your transition with short, powerful phrases to describe your experiences, such as "10 years of senior-level management" or "million-dollar budgeting experience."

  4. Add your job requirements

    Finish your objective by stating what you want from a company. Use language that describes the business in general terms, such as "with an established company," or "at a startup with cross-departmental opportunities." Alternatively, describe the environment with words such as "collaborative" or "independent." Do not add punctuation at the end of your objective.