How Do You Write a Formal Letter of Appreciation?


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To write a formal letter of appreciation, use the appropriate formal salutation, state the reasons for appreciation, reiterate gratitude and end with a formal closing. Business related appreciation letters are essential in cultivating business relationships.

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Begin the letter with an appropriate salutation and correct title of the addressee, such as professor, doctor, sir or madam. Personalize each letter when sending appreciation letters to multiple people. A title may be skipped when addressing people known on first-names basis.

Next, thank the recipient for his support, information, assistance or time. Give details about the type of assistance and its impact, mentioning one or two specific details.

Conclude the letter by initiating further conversation or contact and reiterating gratitude. End the letter with a formal closing, such as "Kind Regards" or "Sincerely." A casual sign-off, such as "Best," may be used for familiar recipients.

It is good etiquette to send a formal letter of appreciation within two days of an encounter. The letter should also be typed or hand written for a personal effect. The letter may be sent by email to a recipient working in an industry in which email is the primary form of communication, such as the computer or technology industries. A good formal appreciation letter is brief and precise, preferably no more than one page.

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