How Do You Write a Financial Analysis Report?


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A good financial analysis report contains comprehensive information about the financial health of a company and showcases its best and worst assets in an unbiased manner. It should clearly show investors whether a company is worth investing in, as noted by Investopedia.

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Follow the steps below to write a financial analysis report. Titles for each section of the analysis report may vary.

  1. Overview
  2. Begin the report with an overview or summary of the company. Include the company's strengths and any other details that might give it an edge over the competition. Write the objective of the report. Make it clear and easy to understand. Consider using the company's annual report or 10-K filing as a starting point, according to Investopedia.

  3. Company resources
  4. Explain which financial data and information will be listed in the report, such as balance sheets and operating costs. Explain where the information came from and how the accounts were analyzed.

  5. Financial events
  6. List any significant events that impacted the company's financial health in this section of the report.

  7. Results
  8. List the detailed financial data for the study period in this section. Include all of the information listed in the resources section of the report. Use charts, graphs and tables to clearly show the data.

  9. Analyze the results
  10. Include an analysis of the financial data in this section. Separate this information by each quarter.

  11. Revenue
  12. List the company's revenue in an organized manner.

  13. Observations
  14. Mention any major events or problems and how the company overcame those problems. End the report with a projection of the company's future growth based on past events.

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