How Do I Write a Final Payment Letter?

A final payment letter includes the name and address of the debt collector or creditor and any account numbers associated with your account. It also includes a brief statement about what constitutes an official release from debt and as well as a warning against future attempts to collect payment.

A final payment letter, also called a paid-in-full letter, should be dated. It should include your return address, the name and address of the creditor, your account number, a statement of understanding that your account is closed, your printed name and your signature.

When making a final payment to resolve a debt, include or follow-up with a letter to the creditor that per your agreement and to the best of your knowledge, the debt is paid in full. According to guidelines on the website, such letters should also include a request for written confirmation from the creditor that the debt is resolved. It should also include a statement like this: “I will regard any other communication from you or your agency as harassment and report it to my State’s Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission.” You can also request your account and personal information be deleted from the creditor’s records.