How Do You Write a Fax?

A professional fax includes an organized cover sheet and letter. Since many businesses share a single fax machine among several employees, the fax must be clear and concise to get to the appropriate party promptly.

  1. Include a cover sheet as the first page

    The first sheet of the fax includes the date of the transmission, the name, the company, the phone and fax numbers of both the recipient and the sender, the subject of the fax, and any additional comments. If the contents are confidential, it must be labeled so boldly on this sheet.

  2. Ensure the letter or documentation is easy to read

    Type or write your letter clearly, and attach all documents that support the subject of the fax. Ensure that the ink is dark enough for the other party to read. Darken the tone of the fax machine, if necessary, and make copies of the fax prior to sending if you need to distribute the fax internally.

  3. Number the pages

    Beginning with the cover page, number the pages clearly in the upper right or bottom center of each page to ensure the recipient does not misplace the transmittal. For example, if there are eight total pages, they should read sequentially "1 of 8, 2 of 8, 3 of 8..." etc.