How Do You Write an Evaluation of a Teacher's Performance?


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To write an evaluation of a teacher's performance, decide what teaching activities to include. Evaluate reviews from students and peers, along with a teacher's self-review. Write the report in a way that is fair to other teachers. You need the data from the outside and self-reviews, along with a computer for typing the report. The estimated completion time is one to two hours.

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  1. Determine activities to include

    Decide which standard teaching activities to evaluate in the report. Typical assessment categories include quality of classroom instruction, development of new materials, supervision of teaching assistants, one-on-one style with students and guidance of students in their areas of interest.

  2. Evaluate student and peer reviews

    Assess data gathered from student end-of-year reviews. Look for patterns, whether positive or negative. Evaluate whether students feel that the teacher communicates well and is prepared for lectures. Assess information from peers who observe the teacher in the classroom or review course materials.

  3. Evaluate the teacher's self-assessment

    If a teacher has developed a dossier of accomplishments, evaluate the information, and decide whether to use it in the report. Look at the teacher's background and samples of teaching materials.

  4. Write from a standardized template

    To write the evaluation, use a standard template to ensure fairness among all teachers being evaluated. If the educational institution does not have a standardized template, consider developing one before writing an individual evaluation.

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