How Do You Write Employment Verification Letters?

Write an employment verification letter by stating your name and position within the company, stating the purpose of the letter and including the name, position and pay rate of the employee. It is also important to follow standard business format for the letter and to use an official company letterhead, because this adds to the legitimacy of the letter.

An employment verification letter allows an employee of a company to prove verifiable income and job security, often to support an application for a loan, apartment rental or other scenario that would require a level of financial stability. Begin the letter by addressing the party requesting the verification, if the employee gave you this information, and then stating that the letter serves as official proof of employment. Proceed to list the name and salary or pay rate of the employee, along with the number of hours usually worked each week.

Also make sure to clearly state who you are, along with your title, and include your contact information. Refrain from mentioning any additional information about the employee, such as address or benefits package, as this may constitute as a violation of privacy rights and leave you with legal liability if the requester rejects the application. If the employee no longer works with the company, do not list the reason that he might have left unless the employee requests that information specifically and the human resources department gives its approval of the correct terminology to use when describing the reason.