How Do You Write an Employment Reference Letter for an Employee?

How Do You Write an Employment Reference Letter for an Employee?

Writing an employment reference letter for an employee requires creating a business-style letter, knowledge of the employee's accomplishments, and a professional tone. Do not discuss the employee’s weaknesses. The letter needs to focus on the employee’s achievements.

  1. Design the business letter

    Choose a plain or standard font that is easily readable. Before you start typing, set a 1-inch margin all around. Include the name and the address of the recipient on the letter.

  2. Compose the letter

    In the first paragraph, briefly introduce yourself, and state your connection to the employee, including your title and position. In the paragraphs that follow, talk about the employee’s role and position in the company. Focus on giving specific examples of the person’s success. Mention the length of time you worked together, and emphasize the employee's accomplishments during his employment. Be sure to keep your tone professional.

  3. Conclude the letter

    End the letter on a confident note. List your contact information, and offer to speak with the recipient if he has any further questions about the employee.

  4. Proofread and print

    Read over the entire letter, and correct any errors. Print the letter out on high-quality paper or letterhead, and send it to the desired recipient.