How Do You Write an Employment Exit Letter?

write-employment-exit-letter Credit: altrendo images/Altrendo/Getty Images

An employment exit letter is written when one is ready to leave a job. It is vital to leave a job as professionally as possible so as to not sever all ties with the company in case there is a need to work with that business in the future. An employment exit letter is also known as a resignation letter.

The letter needs to be kept as simple, brief, focused and as positive as possible. Deciding to leave a position is a tough decision to make. Once it is made, there is no need to focus on criticizing the company or supervisor.

Include a few key items when writing the employment exit letter. These elements include stating that employment is ending and the specific date the employment will end at the company. In the letter, appreciation can be included for the time spent at the company. Any other words of appreciation can also be included. This could be thanking the employer for any opportunities offered during the employment. The letter will be put in the employee's folder and could be referred to in any future correspondence. An employee should leave a place of employment on a positive note, which will make asking for letters of recommendation easier.