How Do You Write an Employee Up?


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To write an employee up, it is best to use a letter of reprimand and include a clear statement of the problem and expectations of employee performance. This letter must also contain a number of components in order for it to get the point across to the employee.

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In addition to information about the problem at hand, effective letters of reprimand include specific examples of what the employee has done. The letter also should include examples of things the employee must change to comply with expectations for the future. The letter should explain how the employee's conduct has impacted the organization as a whole.

If relevant, the employer may include a timeline, which shows when the performance of the employee must improve. A re-evaluation date also may appear in the letter, as well as the consequences an employee may expect if his performance does not improve. The supervisor must sign the letter before giving it to the employee, and the employee must sign the letter to show his understanding of the consequences. Though the employee does not have to agree with the contents, he must acknowledge them.

It is best for employers to ensure the letter is legally compliant before giving it to the employee. To do this, the employer should speak with a lawyer or human resources professional.

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