How Do You Write Employee Transition Plans?

Write an employee transition plan by meeting with the employee vacating the position to understand her current obligations and responsibilities and outlining all outstanding matters she needs to address before leaving. The plan also needs to designate other parties to take over her responsibilities and establish a process for any training they need from the exiting employee.

It is important to create an employee transition plan whenever a member of the company resigns or announces an exit in order to ensure that no clients or responsibilities suffer as a result of the change. The first step is for the employee and her manager to meet and make a list of all of her major responsibilities, as this is likely to differ from her official job description requirements. The manager should make thorough notes about each task and obtain the names and contact information for any clients, vendors or third parties for which the employee is responsible.

The manager and employee also need to discuss all pending or unfinished projects and decide what the employee needs to finish prior to her departure. The transition plan also needs to include a process for choosing who is responsible for completing anything the employee cannot finish before leaving and who can take over her tasks. An effective plan also accounts for training the new employees, prioritizing tasks to ensure a timely and smooth transition.