How Do You Write an Employee Recognition Letter?

A good employee recognition letter should be personal and well-timed, and should reach the recipient through proper means. The letter should also come from a proper source and should feature a proper format.

Personalizing an employee recognition letter reinforces the letter's impact by making the employee realize the importance of his individual contribution to the organization. It also encourages the employee to work hard for the benefit of the organization. To personalize the letter, include a detailed description of the employee's achievements, taking care to be specific about what the employee did exactly to make a certain event successful. Explain why you think the efforts of the employee were crucial and exceptional.

Proper timing involves writing and sending the letter to the employee immediately following the event in which the employee did a crucial thing. The employee should possibly receive the letter before the elapse of one day following the event. In case the purpose of the letter is to recognize consolidated actions of the employee in various events that took place at different times, the employee should receive the letter on a special day. For instance, a school director can send the letter of recognition to a teacher on the closing day of the school.

Proper delivery means reinforce the letter's impact and may include hand delivery. Hand delivery also makes the letter personal.