How Do You Write an Employee Promotion Announcement?

Promotions are something that every employee at an office strives for at one time or another. Therefore, if an employee has achieved a promotion and a manager wants to share that with the workplace, an employee promotion announcement does so adequately. This letter should inform everyone of the employee's new duties while being congratulatory but not over the top.

  1. Keep a professional tone
  2. The manager is likely quite proud of the promoted employee and wants to share that. However, while the letter can be celebratory, it should also maintain a professional tone according to job hub Cover Letters and Resumes. This prevents potential jealousy or accusations of favoritism.

  3. Be informative
  4. Begin the letter with the good news about the promoted employee and talk a bit about that employee's background with the company, Microsoft Office suggests. Then detail what the employee's new title is and what their duties will now entail.

  5. Include dates of the upcoming changes
  6. This employee's new position will likely impact other employees at the office right away. Start off the employee promotion announcement with the current date, according to Microsoft Office. Inform employees of when these new changes go into effect so they can be prepared.