How Do You Write Employee Evaluation Examples?

To write employee evaluation examples, start with a balanced account of employee performance, and strive to be unbiased and objective. For negative examples, offer constructive criticism that includes steps to improve. Give examples of his performance that met or exceeded expectations. Do not focus on personality or offer personal criticism unless it directly affects business operation or company policy.

The next step is to review the goals established during the last evaluation. Go through each goal, and have a dialogue with the employee about whether the goal was met and why or why not. If the goal was nearly met, or the employee worked hard to accomplish it, discuss the progress, and set new steps to achieving the goal. Afterward, set new goals that are reasonable to achieve over the next evaluation period. The goals set are mutually agreed upon and meant to help the employee succeed or advance.

Be sure that the evaluation contains at least two or three examples of commendable work done. Discuss the employee's strengths and how to utilize those strengths to achieve his goals. If the employee has aspects of his work that need to improve, offer to help him with any questions or problems he encounters trying to improve. Finish the evaluation by asking the employee to alert you to areas in your management style that need improvement to help him succeed.