How Do You Write an Employee Contract?

How Do You Write an Employee Contract?

Write an employee contract by specifying what is expected of the employee in a particular position, the benefits and remuneration, company policy and employment terms. The employee then signs the contract.

  1. Specify the date of commencement of the contract

    Write the date the contact is set to begin and with whom.

  2. Give the name and nature of the position

    Give the name of the position and what the employee is expected to perform. Include the duration of the probation period and expected work schedule..

  3. Specify the employee's salary and benefits

    Include how and when the employee will be paid, as well as all other benefits.

  4. Specify whether the job is full time or part time

    Clarify the level of commitment for the job. Write down what the employee can and cannot do while performing the work. Include actions that can lead to termination of the employment.

  5. Write a non-disclosure agreement

    Inform the employee not to disclose copyright information, trade secrets and other proprietary information. Specify that if the rule is contravened, the employee risks legal action and job termination.

  6. Add a section for the signatures of the employer and employee

    Include a section where the employee and the employee sign the contract.