How Do You Write an Effective Sales Letter?


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Write an effective sales letter by organizing it to provide clear, understandable information about your company, specific reasons why you offer a unique benefit and verifiable facts to support your claims. Use a professional yet approachable tone, and focus on the information the customer would want to see to obtain the proper perspective.

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A sales letter should be unique and memorable to help it stand out to the customer amidst other sales letter and business documents, which means you must make it specifically relevant to the potential customer's needs. Avoid using any generic language or statements, as these indicate that the potential customer is not important enough to you to warrant special attention. Begin by examining the contact's business and potential needs, as this allows you to address specific issues and demonstrate clear ways in which you offer a benefit to them.

Open the letter by explaining who you are, what your business does and the specific benefits you offer. Use data with clear facts to highlight the ways you can benefit them, but do not use information that is false or that the client must struggle to understand. Maintain a tone of authority to help the potential customer view you as some who understand the industry and is likely able to solve their issues. Keep the letter short enough to read in a single sitting, and include your contact information for a follow-up session.

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