How Do You Write a Donation Request Letter?

When writing a donation letter, get right to the point in expressing what you need. Use quantifiable facts to show that the need is concrete, and demonstrate how your group plans to use the donation so that the donor connects a specific outcome with the gift.

  1. Open with your statement of need

    Establish the necessity of the gift. Write about the number of children living below the federal poverty line if you are soliciting donations of school uniforms or school clothes, for example. Use concrete numbers to make your request more powerful.

  2. Make your request specific

    Decide what you need and how much you need of a particular item. Budget for the purchase of specific items so that you can ask the recipient for an exact dollar amount, as this shows the donor that you have prepared for the request and are more likely to get efficient use out of the entire gift.

  3. Show the donor the outcome of his gift

    Give the donor a sense of what the gift means for the population that your organization serves. Describe the improvement in SAT outcomes that comes with tutoring for at-risk high school students if you are asking a donor to fund weekend or after-school SAT classes for high school students living in poverty.