How Do You Write a Donation Letter?


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To write a donation letter, draft a personalized introduction that grabs the reader's attention, explain the cause, and state the impact of the gift and the consequences of not donating. In the closing, thank the prospective donor for his support and reiterate the importance of his contribution.

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  1. Draft the introduction

    Address the letter to a specific person. To engage the reader, begin the introduction with a personal story or a provocative question. Remind the reader of the importance of the cause. If applicable, mention the donor's previous donation and its impact. Thank donors for past contributions, and tell them of the need for ongoing support.

  2. Write the ask

    In the main body of the letter, include information on the cause and the role of the organization. Express the importance of the mission and the effectiveness of the organization. Make requests for specific dollar amounts, and provide details about what each denomination can achieve. End this portion of the letter by mentioning the importance of the donor and the consequences of not making a donation.

  3. Conclude the letter

    Close the letter by thanking the donors for their support and contributions, and reiterate the importance of their contributions and why you need their help.

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